Lucia Pigliapochi
Lucia Pigliapochi *1984 is an italian illustrator and graphic designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. Lucia founded Franz-Collective together with Andrea Noti. In addition to working as a freelance Illustrator, Lucia is a visual designer for UNICEF in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Illustration of some kids playing in Lugano on the shore of the lake. One hast vitiligo, one is sitting on the wheelchair, one is drinking a juice chilling and one is swimming  (Reka)
Illustration showing the activities of Lugano and its people and the Reka holidays Village (Wimmelbild-Reka)
Kids swimming and playin on the Lugano lake. The all jump into the water in different ways (Reka)
Illustration of one person buying flowers in the Lugano, close to park Ciani  (Reka)
Illustration of a grandpa and her granddaughter playing guitar. A child on the back is climbing a tree up to a treehouse (Reka)
Vase - Vas
Weihnachtsbaum Xmas Tree
Ghost Geist
Moon - Mond
Website Illustration person jogging, Bike Rider, Car, Workers, two People talking