«Hyperraum is a team that does what they do best: honest, uncomplicated work at a high level.» Based in Biel/Bienne, Hyperraum is made up of Vincent Grand and Tobias Aeschbacher. Since 2017, they have been passionately dedicated to a wide range of projects in various industries. «It's clear that we don't do just any nonsense. If you value fair brands, consider climate protection to be important and want to create progressive projects or pioneering events, then we're the right people for you. No matter what project you have your heart set on, we look forward to implementing it together with you»
Infografik Transhelvetica zur Geschichte des Buddhismus
Auschnitt Infografik Transhelvetica
Auschnitt Infografik Transhelvetica 2
Auschnitt Infografik Transhelvetica 3
Magazin Infografik Transhelvetica
T-Shirt Design für Sea Shepherd  Rochen
T-Shirt Design für Sea Shepherd  Totenkopf
T-Shirt Design für Sea Shepherd  Orcas
T-Shirt Design für Sea Shepherd  Wale
Front Logo T-Shirt Design für Sea Shepherd
Comic für Optiker
Vater schimpft mit Tochter
Optiker mit jungem Mädchen
Auge wird in die Länge gezogen
Detail Mockup Magazin Optiker Comic
Titelseite Wimmelbuch Biel/Bienne
Bahnhofplatz Biel/Bienne
Altstadt Biel/Bienne
St.Petersinsel Biel/Bienne
Plakat F4 Juso Illustration
Reicher Typ auf Geldsäcken
Vater mit Kinderwagen
Betreuerin mit Oma
Pizza Lieferant
Poster Openair Frauenfeld*Li
Artwork Detail Openair Frauenfeld*Li
Artwork Detail Openair Frauenfeld*Li 2
Artwork Detail Openair Frauenfeld*Li 3
Making of Artwork Detail Openair Frauenfeld*Li
Hip-Hop Jasskarte
Hip-Hop Jasskarten
Hip-Hop Jasskarten Verpackung
Hip-Hop Jasskarte Detail
Hip-Hop Jasskarte Detail 2
Comic Seite Public Eye
Comic Seite Public Eye 2
Leporello Comic Public Eye
Auschnitt Comic Public Eye
Leporello Comic Public Eye 2