Gabi Kopp
Gabi Kopp is a Swiss illustrator with a studio in Lucerne. She has been working for media, publishers and companies for over 30 years. Before that she worked as a cook. Besides illustrations, comics and cartoons, she also designs funny objects. For 21 years she has drawn a weekly socio-political illustration for the author's column of the NZZ am Sonntag. With Jacoby&Stuart in Berlin and Rotpunktverlag in Zurich, she has published three illustrated cookbooks with drawings, stories and recipes - "The Istanbul cookbook," "The Persian cookbook" and "Meze without borders." In conjunction with these cookbooks, she also offers caterings and small cooking classes as well as cultural, culinary walking tours in Turkey and Iran.
Gynäkologe und Verhütung sollte Männersache sein
Buch mit 200 gesellschaftspolitischen Illustrationen aus 21 Jahren Autorenkolumne für die NZZ am Sonntag
Ausstellung Galerie Kriens 2023 Original Schabkartonbilder
Ausstellung Galerie Kriens 2023
Orangensalat Meze ohne Grenzen
Cover Kochbuch Meze ohne Grenzen
Polixeni, Sempriko Theassaloniki, Meze ohne Grenzen
Türkisches Fava
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